What is Vidatox ?

Vidatox 30 CH stands at the forefront of Cuban natural and homeopathic medicine. Derived from the venom of the blue scorpion, this remarkable medication boasts an array of benefits. Its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-tumor properties make it a prime choice for oncology treatment. What sets Vidatox 30 CH apart is its potent detoxification effect, offering patients a significant improvement in well-being and health. Notably, it excels in efficiently detoxifying the body after chemotherapy.

Cuban scientists have dedicated substantial efforts to creating remedies rooted in natural ingredients, catering to serious ailments affecting animals and humans alike. The strategic use of scorpion venom as a medicinal resource is far from arbitrary. The healing attributes of the blue scorpion’s venom have been recognized for centuries. Throughout history, Cuban ancestors harnessed the power of scorpion venom to combat life-threatening illnesses. This journey into the potential of blue scorpion venom was embarked upon in 1997, leading to the inception of Vidatox 30 CH.

Vidatox 30 CH is sourced from the venom of a specific scorpion species known as Rhopalurus Junceus, indigenous to the eastern region of Cuba. This species derives its name from its distinctive blue tail. The blue scorpion inhabits only the untamed landscapes and holds the status of an endemic species listed in the global Red Book. Presently, the controlled cultivation of these scorpions for medicinal purposes remains an elusive goal, necessitating the capture of individual specimens from their natural habitats.

Following capture, the scorpions are acclimatized to laboratory environments mirroring their natural habitats. Each scorpion can yield approximately 0.02 ml (equivalent to 2-3 drops) of venom every 45 days, resulting in a highly limited production of the medication. An arduous fifteen-year research journey culminated in the creation of Vidatox 30 CH. This groundbreaking medication is now crafted by the pioneering Cuban company Grupo Empresarial LABIOFAM, based in Havana, Cuba. Vidatox 30 CH has successfully passed rigorous clinical trials, confirming its pharmacological efficacy within oncology.

Approximately 10,000 patients across Europe, Cuba, and the USA actively participated in the research and analysis of this novel medication. Throughout the treatment course, no adverse side effects linked to the use of Vidatox 30 CH were identified. Its purported ability to impede the proliferation of diseased cells and extend patients’ life expectancies is indeed noteworthy. Laboratory research, executed by a multidisciplinary team, demonstrated the selective and differential toxicity of Blue Scorpion venom against diseased cells, resulting in marked reductions in their viability. Additionally, the research findings indicated that after the application of Vidatox 30 CH, discernible enhancements in patients’ well-being were observed. This phenomenon stems from the thorough detoxification process that the medication facilitates within the organism.

Vidatox 30 CH serves as a valuable complement to conventional oncologic therapies. Its holistic advantages encompass elevated patient survival rates, diminished pain perception, heightened activity levels, and an enriched quality of life. Remarkably, the usage of Vidatox 30 CH has no detrimental impact on human health. Instead, it is characterized by its unique detoxification properties, promoting a revitalized organism. Upon completion of a therapeutic regimen, patients experience improvements in metabolic processes, enhanced blood test parameters, increased vitality, and even a rejuvenated physiological state—all attributed to the comprehensive detoxification facilitated by Vidatox 30 CH.

Rest assured, Vidatox 30 CH is a certified product. Its production is spearheaded by the reputable Cuban company Grupo Empresarial LABIOFAM, headquartered in Havana, Cuba.

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